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"Hands down, this workshop is the best thing I have ever done for myself...EVER!!!  ***I mean EVER!!!!!!!!!!***"

Joni J.

"I gained my freedom through ERT. Sweet release, freedom, and sorrowful joy (it’s a thing). After decades of attempting to release tears, to cry even a little bit to relieve the grief I carried from childhood trauma, I finally gained freedom through ERT. My demons aren’t gone, but I’m aware of their patterns and am freer to make different choices when they arise. My grief is not gone, but I’m able to turn towards it, no longer running in panic and fear, knowing that there really was no place to hide. My fear is not gone, but I am able to embrace it, learn from it and release it. My sorrow is not gone, but I have room to breathe into it and space for it to run through me. I’m no longer stuck. I feel joy and love and freedom with a depth I didn’t know existed."

Jonita C.

"My very first session was the first time in a very long time I felt unconditional love for myself. Afterwards I remember feeling so light and free, walking around with my shoulders back, not worrying that my heart was exposed. I knew then this is how life is supposed to be lived. Shortly after this session with Suzanne I signed up for a 5-day ERT workshop. The intensity of that workshop was exactly what I had been searching for. I felt like one of those glow-up sticks being constantly cracked open little by little until I was bendable again. The fact that it was session after session and you were not able to try close up in between made the work even more intense than single sessions spread out over a longer period of time. Not walking around with a shield for protection, being able to FULLY enjoy life, and allowing myself to embrace all of me and the people around me is why I love this work. I highly encourage anyone who has the slightest of interest in ERT to try the workshop, you'll be in loving hands!"

Vera R.

"I can't speak enough praises for this incredibly powerful somatic release work. It's hard to put into words, I simply felt much more clear, light, more clarity and like more of my parts were all firing on the same cylinder/on board with living large, etc... hope that makes sense! Do it, you'll be SO glad you did!"

Mikaela J.

"The sessions that I have had with Suzanne have been completely life changing! I had been seeking relief from depression and anxiety and overall just wanting to feel more in tune with myself and my body. Suzanne provided a safe and peaceful space for me to fully express the emotional energy I was holding. I felt an incredible release of self judgement and anger immediately after my first session and a shift in my perspective in the following two weeks. The session brought me more into my body, a place I didn’t realize until this work that I had been so disconnected from. I moved from a consistently anxious state to walking in self love and a sense of knowing of who I am. My time with Suzanne had such a profound effect that I have continued to receive sessions regularly. She has been an exceptional guide through the process, making me feel comfortable every step of the way. Her intuition is incredible as she seems to know exactly what to say and what points to open and when. This has proved to be an invaluable gift as it has helped me to face and feel things that I have spent years turning away from. Suzanne has a true healing energy that is felt on the table and off. I highly recommend her to anyone that is ready to shift into more of who they really are."

Lacey J.

"The first time I ever had a session with Suzanne, I was in awe of her work. I couldn't believe how gracefully she led me through all of the difficult stages of healing. The intuition that she used led me to huge breakthroughs and allowed me to connect to the deepest layer of what I was truly feeling. She stood there with me through some of the hardest feelings I have ever had to feel. Her open hearted witnessing allowed me to feel incredibly safe and guided within her presence. Ever since, working with Suzanne has been a continuous pleasure. She seems to always know exactly how to move me through our sessions, especially when I feel like I'm not sure how to proceed. Her empathy and love is palpable. She is real. She gets this work and she will always and continuously show up for you."

Laura T.

"My sessions with Suzanne were comfortable, emotionally safe and compassionate healing experiences. At the time I had started my journey of self care and healing. I was drawn to her work and decided it was the next thing to experience in up leveling. Taking me through the emotions that were ready to be expressed and released ended up being a catalyst on a deep soul level. During my very first session, I opened up the door to my gifts of intuition and metaphysical abilities. Truly a one of a kind experience. If you are ready to heal on a Soul level, I highly recommend Suzanne to be the key holder to help you open that door."

Andrea S.

"I've had several amazing sessions from Suzanne and the more I learn to feel into my body in our sessions, the less I expect or try to control how they should go or what I think I should feel. Suzanne is always supportive no matter what shows up for me during the session and I know I am in a space where all of my emotions and feelings are truly welcome, so I can totally let me guard down, just breathe and be with whatever I'm experiencing. The work Suzanne does is without a doubt the most special and powerful healing modality I've ever come across in all my years of searching to heal from childhood trauma. She is such a gifted and giving practitioner of this work and Portland is so lucky to have her!"

Jason C.

"As an ERT practitioner Suzanne holds a safe and grounded space with compassion for your process. She will hold you accountable for your own work while witnessing with care and love. Suzanne has an empowering energy which uplifts all who enter her sphere."

Christine B.

"There are no words to describe how healing this work is and how patient, compassionate and kind Suzanne is. Please go and do this for yourself at least once and if you don't feel lighter, better, happier, relieved and satisfied - then don't do it again. I felt absolutely fantastic and did it again a couple of weeks after. It's a tremendous healing process of release and transmuting trauma into love. Self love. Thank you, Suzanne! I will be back!"

Lyuba R.
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